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Registering Voters

TDW of Galveston County

The training is held on the third Friday of each month at 2:00 pm in the Commissioners Courtroom:

Galveston County Courthouse
722 Moody
Galveston, TX 77550

Email them prior to the class so they can prepare the VDR packet you receive after taking the class. Include the completed application in your email.

If you take the Harris County online class you can become a VDR in Galveston County without taking another class. This is a convenient option because there are more classes to choose from and you can take the class online. You will not have to retake a class for each county.

  1. Complete Galveston County VDR application:
  2. Email
    Provide a copy of your completed application, VDR certificate in the current county where you are a VDR
  3. In the email, indicate how you wish to receive your Galveston County VDR materials.
  4. To renew; Complete the renewal application
  5. Email to:
  6. They should reply with a presentation for you to review.
  7. If you do not hear back via email, call 409-766-2280For more information about Harris County, click here: