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Head Quarters Grand Opening!

Covid19 Style!

We were able to thank our sponsors and have a scaled down grand opening of our Head Quarters!  Definitely not what we envisioned, but we're making it work in our new reality!

2020 Educational Forums!


Man, we've been busy hosting and co hosting Candidate and informational forums!  If our new Virtual world has done anything, it's allowed us to have more access to candidates and information we need to be educated voters!  We have more coming this year!

2020 Annual Meeting


We held our Annual Business Meeting at the always Amazing Marais in Dicksinson!  Sharon Berry and Jerry Zimmerer were our keynote speakers and we elected a amazing group of ladies for our Executive Board.  Looking forward to 2020!

2020 TDW State Convention



A few of our Board Members were able to attend the State Convention. There were great leaders, amazing candiates, and our own Heidi Gordon was elected Board Member at Large!

2020 La Marque MLK, Jr. Parade




TDW-GC joined some of our amazing candidates to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

2019 Minnie Fisher Awards Ceremony and Fundraiser

2019 Minnie Fish was a huge success.  It was our honor to award this year's awards to amazing women who dedicate their lives to improving the lives of women ever day.

  • Koretta Brown for Criminal Justice Reform
  • Sherrie Matula for Excellence in Public Education
  • Monica Stewart for Transgender Women's Rights

We can't wait until next year!!!

1st Annual Chili Cook-off and Fundraiser!


Our Executive Team and the entire membership came together to host our 1st annual Chili Cook-off and Fundraiser!

There was lots of chili, kids activities, candidates, a silent auction, cake auction, and a wheelbarrow of fun.. oh my!

A great time was had by all and we can not wait to plan this event next year!

Opal Lee's Walk to Washington, DC!


Members walked 2.5 miles in Galveston with Ms. Opal Lee (92 years young!) to bring awareness to make Juneteenth a national holiday.  To learn more and sign her petition, please visit www.opalswalk2dc.com.

Did you know that it took 2.5 YEARS for the Emancipation Proclamation to make it to Galveston?  We have so much history in our County.  It's worth fighting for!

Democratic Presidential Debate, Houston Texas!



Members were able to attend the 3rd Presidential Debate in Houston.


Others stayed home, had watch parties, and attempted to take selfies.

September Membership Meeting


Another Great Membership Meeting in the books!  We had lots of candidates and Koretta Brown told us her amazing story spoke about The Texas Fair Justice Act.  We can all support their work in the upcoming legislative session.  #TexasFairJusticeAct.

August Membership Meeting


The August membership meeting was packed with valuable information, upcoming events, local leaders, and candidates!  It was a great kick off to our fall season of planning for upcoming elections!  Bring on 2020!

June Membership Meeting


In our June membership meeting was JAM packed! Roxy Williamson updated us on her efforts as Galveston County's Voter Registrar Coordinator.. Travis County Tax Asessor and Voter Registrar, Bruce Elefant, gave us ideas how to increase voter registration and turnout in the County...  and we celebrated Sean Skipworth's Dickinson City Council victory with cake and tacos!

OH, did I mention that our own Susan Criss announced her candidacy for SD11?!  YAY!

Juneteenth Parade


On June 15th, 2019 TDW-GC joined the Galveston County Democratic Party in Texas City's Juneteenth parade.

2019 JRR Luncheon with Hillary Clinton


On May 24th, 2019, TDW-GC joined the HCDP at the the 2019 JRR Luncheon.  Secretary Hillary Clinton was the keynote speaker and she was amazing. We celebrated incredible Democratic leaders and started getting ready for the hard work ahead of us on the road toward turning Texas blue!

Annie's List Training


On April 13th, 2019, TDW-GC hosted the amazing Annie's List for a day of training.  Their "Run to Lead" program is AMAZING and teaches Candidates how to build on their own strengths to run a great campaign!  It also taught us non candidates how campaigns work.  WOW.

2019 Candidate Brunch!

Annie's List Luncheon with Stacey Abrams!



2018/2019 Election Support!


TDW-GC enjoyed working with local candidate's during their 2018 and 2019 campaigns!  Ground Ops isn't easy, but you meet a lot of amazing people and it is beyond rewarding!

Blue Ribbon Lobby Day 2019


TDW-GC visited Austin to participate in 2019 Blue Ribbon Lobby Day.  We represented Galveston County by meeting with elected officials to lobby for progressive causes!  It was an amazing learning experience for us all.


Learn More about Blue Ribbon Lobby Day HERE!

2019 Annual Meeting


On March 20th, 2019, TDW-GC hosted their annual meeting and elected their 2019 Executive Board.  Great food and good times at Marais in Dickinson!

TDW Convention 2019


The Annual TDW Convention took place in Austin, TX from February 22-24, 2019.

2019 Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade



TDW-GC joined the Galveston County Democratic Party to celebrate the life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in La Marque's 2019 MLK Day Parade.  It was windy and chilly, but everyone had a great time!

1st Annual Minnie Fish Award Ceremony and Fundraiser


On October 9th, 2018 TDW-GC along with the Galveston Progressive Women's Coalition hosted the 1st Annual Minnie Fisher Award Ceremony and Fundraiser celebrating Texas' own Minnie Fisher Cunningham and 100 years of women's voting rights in Texas!